Stand out from the crowd

An employer's perspective...

When you think about it, a CV is just a sales leaflet. It is a list of your skills and previous roles. It enables prospective employers to match their needs with your skills. What if you knew the real needs of the employer (not just what it says on the job advert)?

We can help you find out.

What you can do...

At B&A Careers we focus on your CV writing from the needs of the employer, not you. In the slightly altered words of John F. Kennedy; 'Ask not what [an employer] can do for you - ask what you can do for [an employer]'

We make CV writing simple.

How you can do it...

How do you make your CV stand out from the thousands of others that are out there? One way might be to have the prospective employer actively looking for your specific CV. Wouldn't that be handy?

We can teach you how.

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